Siding Replacement Omaha, NE

At First Choice Gutters & Siding, we have been serving our Omaha neighbors and businesses since 2003. We’ve built our small business from just gutters, to just about anything on the exterior of your home or business. Whether you have vinyl siding, fiber cement or wood siding, we can help you repair, replace or install siding to protect your home. We take pride in the opportunity to grow alongside our hometown. Our team of technicians are specifically trained in each area of expertise, from gutters, to windows, siding installation or repair and we are the best roofing company in town. If it protects your home or business from the weather, we can make sure it’s installed correctly, repair it or improve it. As one of Omaha’s best siding contractors, we really enjoy helping homeowners with siding repairs or siding replacement to help protect homes from weather and water.

Siding Replacement

Making a decision to replace your home’s siding is not an easy decision. Most siding options will last 20 years on a home, if not longer. Inspecting your siding often and watching for water, moisture or pest damage behind your siding, is the best way to ensure your siding is still doing its job. It’s easy to just assume our siding on our homes is in good shape. If your home is quickly aging or if you’ve had major damage to your siding, it may be time to consider replacing your siding. Some common signs that your siding needs to be replaced are:

  • Bubbling or Warping of Existing Siding
  • Water Damage or Pooling at Foundation
  • Mold, Plant or Moss Growth
  • Discoloration
  • Higher Energy Bills
  • Insect or Pest Damage

Budgeting for Replacement Siding

If you are considering replacing your siding, there are other pieces of your home that will be affected by new siding and that you’ll want to consider upgrading or may have to upgrade in the process. Gutters will be taken off a home to replace siding. Often new siding colors will clash with existing gutters or gutter damage is exposed when removing. Soffit Vents and Fascia or “Gutter Boards” will usually need to be replaced as well. There are a ton of options to consider when choosing the type of siding for your home. Whether you’re considering vinyl siding, wood siding or fiber cement siding, each type of siding has a plethora of color options as well as textures to choose from. You’ll want to budget for and ask for additional items that may be affected by vinyl and wood siding replacement.

Having a qualified team on your side

At First Choice Gutters & Siding, our people, our team is what makes the difference. We want to educate our customers on the products they’re choosing. We understand the investment in your home. We’re homeowners too. We want to ensure you understand the products you’re choosing and the benefits or cons of each option. Engineered wood siding has different benefits than fiber cement siding would. All siding materials have options and benefits that should be discussed with an expert. Make sure you use a siding contractor you can trust that will do what’s best for your home and its architecture.

First Choice Gutters Team of Professional Omaha Siding Contractors for Siding Replacement

Whatever your home’s needs are, at First Choice Gutters & Sidings we can help you look through your options of siding replacement and we will always have an honest conversation about costs and the pros & cons of each product and manufacturer. Let our experienced team of siding replacement professionals take away the worry and stress of investing in your home and choosing siding material. Our local siding contractors will treat your home just like they would their own, because we live here too. Omaha NE is where our pride is, and you have helped us build one of the best companies in town. We want to be your exterior siding company, your gutter company, your roofing company and take care of your windows while we’re at it! Even stone siding or stone veneer falls under our umbrella of expertise.

Free Consultation from an Experienced Siding Contractor, Call Today

Call First Choice Gutters & Siding today for your free consultation for vinyl siding, wood siding or fiber cement siding replacements. 402-498-9300. Each siding contractor at First Choice is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We will also work with your insurance company based on any active claims for full replacement or siding repair. Whatever your needs, no matter how big or small, First Choice Gutters & Siding is here to answer any questions and to take care of your biggest investment.