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December 1, 2021
Roofing & Composite Shingles
December 20, 2021

Siding Options & Benefits

First Choice Gutters & Siding has been serving our neighbors and friends throughout the Omaha area since 2003. If it’s on your home or blew off your home, we can fix it! Your home is one of your biggest investments. Let us help you protect it from the outside. Siding is one of the first things people see when approaching your home and it’s the biggest defense your home has to the elements. We offer siding repair, wood shingle repair and siding installation of a variety of siding types. 

At First Choice SIding of Omaha, we offer a variety of siding options. It can seem overwhelming when needing siding repair or siding installation from a respected siding contractor. Here are some options and the benefits that siding can offer your home. 

  1. Vinyl Siding – Super affordable offering a ton of color variety. Not the most durable of products. 
  2. Insulated Vinyl Siding – Improvement over regular vinyl siding in that it offers a layer of insulation. Still not very durable, but affordable. 
  3. Hardwood or LP Smartside – an engineered hardwood siding. Extremely durable. Manufacturer offers a 50 year warranty! Comes in a variety of colors and can be painted. 
  4. Hardie Board Siding – Highly durable but more expensive than vinyl siding. Less warranty than LP Smartside at 30 year manufacturer warranty. 
  5. Composite Siding – One of the most durable siding options available. Restrictive color choices from manufacturers. 
  6. Natural Wood – Expensive and not always the best option for climate. Super high maintenance to keep wood in good condition. We do offer wood shingle repair. 
  7. Manufactured Wood Siding – Looks like the real thing at a fraction of the cost of natural wood. Easier to maintain than natural wood as well. 

If you’re considering siding repair or a siding installation for your home, there are a ton of benefits. Increased home value and overall appearance of your home. Siding also affects the energy efficiency of your home. Choosing a siding option specifically for its energy efficiency can dramatically improve your monthly bills for heating and cooling. Our list of preferred siding brands can be found here Siding Omaha | Siding Contractor | First Choice Gutters and Siding – Omaha, NE (


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