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At First Choice Gutters & Siding, we have been serving our Omaha neighbors and businesses since 2003. We’ve built our small business from just gutters, to just about anything on the exterior of your home or business. We take pride in the opportunity to grow alongside our hometown. Our team of technicians are specifically trained in each area of expertise, from gutters, to window, siding and we are the best roofing company in town. If it protects your home or business from the weather, we can make sure it’s installed correctly, repair it or improve it. As one of Omaha’s best siding contractors, we really enjoy new siding installation and showing off the new concepts in siding. You would think there would be hundreds of choices of siding materials, but it really comes down to three main types.

New Siding Installation 

At First Choice Gutters & Siding, we offer 3 main types of siding installations from our siding contractors:

  1. Vinyl
  2. Fiber Cement
  3. Wood Siding

 While there are other players in the siding materials and subcategories of each of these types, these are the three main types of siding. We can always walk you through your options and discuss specific upgrades to any materials with you. Just give us a call. In this information we’ll walk you through these three types of siding and the installation process for each, as well as maintenance. 

  1. Vinyl Siding – Durable & Affordable with very little maintenance. 3 Basic Types:
    1. Clapboard Vinyl – One of the most popular types of vinyl siding. Clapboard Vinyl runs horizontally across a home and usually takes on the appearance of colorful options of wood planks covering a home.
    2. Board & Batten – Often called “Barn Siding” because it runs vertically up and down the walls of a home and was often used to cover barns, when first introduced, so it’s associated with that “look.” Board & Batten now comes in a variety of fresh colors that can update the look of a home. 
    3. Cedar Shake – Looks and feels like real cedar wood shakes. Runs horizontally across a home but instead of long planks of wood, it takes on more of a shingle or shaker style. Immediately noticeable and different from traditional vinyl styles. 
  1. Fiber Cement – Popular for its strength & durability. Can stand up to hurricane level wind and rain and is made up of more than 90% inflammable material and is considered a green building product. It’s a great alternative to wood siding & vinyl siding. James Hardie Siding is one of the best known brands of Fiber Cement Siding. Can be a bit more costly due to the siding installation process and labor. There are 4 main types of fiber cement siding: 
    1. Shingle – mimics cedar shake look and feel with more color options
    2. Sheet Form – installs in long sheets in a variety of textures
    3. Lap Siding – installs in a traditional vinyl siding manor, row by row, very similar look with a stronger finished product. 
    4. Stucco or Brick – provides the look of stucco or brick without the expense of a trained mason expert to install. 
  1. Wood Siding – Cedar, Pine, Redwood….if you can name a wood, it probably has a siding made from it! This type of siding has a ton of advantages: easily installed, repaired, replaced. It also has its disadvantages. One of the biggest being the endless maintenance needed to keep it in tip top shape. From painting to protecting it from bug infestations and water damage. This siding can be a beautiful addition to a home, but it will need to be maintained differently than man made products. 

First Choice Gutters Team of Professional Omaha Siding Contractors

Whatever your home’s needs are, at First Choice Gutters & Sidings we can help you look through your options of siding services and we will always have an honest conversation about pricing and the pros & cons of each product. Let our experienced team of siding installation professionals take away the worry and stress of installing the best product to highlight your home’s beauty. Our local siding contractors will treat your home just like they would their own, because we live here too. Omaha NE is where our pride is and you have helped us build one of the best companies in town. We want to be your siding company, your gutter company, your roofing company and take care of your windows while we’re at it!

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