Tile Roof Installation in Omaha

When you look around at your neighborhoods roofs in Omaha, you often notice, most commonly, asphalt roofs followed by wood shingle roofs. Not too often do you see a cement tile roof unless you live in a high-end neighborhood or somewhere that has warmer weather year-round; unlike Nebraska weather. A tile roof installation takes longer than a traditional asphalt roof installation process. Tile roof installations require roofers to reinforce your homes roofing structure due to the mass amount of weight being installed. However, a major benefit to having a tile roof installed is the longevity. These roofs are incredibly long lasting, with lifespans of over 50 years! If you are interested in having a tile roof installed on your Omaha home, First Choice Gutters and Siding can do it!

Tile Shingles

Tile shingles are often more expensive than traditional asphalt roofing materials, which is why most homeowners choose to not put it on their roof. However, a concrete tile roof has many benefits that asphalt roofs cannot offer. Tile shingles provide your home with a more aesthetically pleasing curb appeal look than your traditional asphalt roof, making your home stand out. They also are more durable and can withstand stronger winds and other weather conditions. Concrete tiles are more durable than asphalt shingles as their weight does not allow them to be blown away in storms.

When it comes to selecting which type of tile shingle you want to have installed on your roof, ask one of our professionals what they would recommend. There are three different types of concrete tiles that all offer the same high-end curb appeal look while offering different styles.

Cement Tile Roof

    Cement tiles are the weakest type of tile you could put on your roof. They are known to break easily when hail hits them and heavy snow loads. However, there are heavier cement tile roof materials that can withstand harsh weather. If you are looking to have a concrete tile roof installed, we recommend you going with a heavy-duty tile rather than a lightweight. Although the lightweight tile might seem like the better route to go, based on price, you will pay the price later when you need to have your roof repaired due to storm damage. A standard concrete tile roof has a life expectancy of nearly half a century. That’s nearly double what an asphalt roofs life expectancy is!

Clay Tile Roof

    Clay is a naturally occurring mineral that has been proven to perform above any other natural roofing material. Clay tile roofs are similar to slate tile and cement tile roofs, but are made from clay products versus cement or slate. A clay tile roof can protect your home’s roof and interior from damaging winds and hail. Clay tiles come in many different styles, such as your traditional flat shingle look or the Tuscan half round tapered style creating more of a Spanish look.

Slate Tile Roof

    Slate tiles are the most durable tile roof product out on the market today. As a natural stone product, it gives your home a unique, beautiful appearance. A well installed slate tile roof will last a century or more. Slate roofs not only give your home a clean, unique look, they also are fire resistant and environmentally friendly. Slate roofs often weigh a lot more than traditional asphalt or wood roofs do so, some extra reinforcement may be added during the roof installation process.

Tile Roof Repairs

When it comes time to repairing your tile roof, often you have to replace the whole roof. When installing a tile roof, you do so in mass areas, making it more difficult to repair just one small section. Repairs are also more difficult because there are rarely perfect color matches between batches. First Choice doesn’t often recommend repairing these roofs, but our experience professional have the skill to make any repairs!.

If you are looking to have your tile roof repaired or are thinking about having one installed, contact First Choice Gutters and Siding. Our experienced roofers know about tile roofs and what added value they provide your Omaha home.

Contact us today for an estimate on a new tile roof for your home!