Composite Roof in Omaha

Your roof does more than you think. It takes a constant beating from severe weather to protect you, your home, and your possessions. If you want the best protection for your Omaha home, you want to invest in a new DaVinci composite roof from First Choice Gutters and Siding.

Why a Composite Roof?

Often when people think of recycled materials being used for other things, they think of them as looking like recycled material. However, composite roof shingles look just like asphalt shingles. A composite roof is a shingle constructed of multiple materials that are compressed together. DaVinci roof shingles can be composed from fiberglass, polyester, wood, plastics, recycled paper and other materials.

During the installation process, composite shingles eliminate the use of nails, tacks and other materials that aren’t necessarily environmentally safe. Composite shingles come in long rectangles with three notches, making for an easy, economical installation. Just like any other shingle, composite shingles come in many different styles and colors enabling homeowners to create the roof of their dreams.

Composite roofs are better than traditional wood or asphalt roofs. DaVinci composite roofs are highly durable, and they can hold more weight than traditional wood or asphalt roofs as well.

Composite shingles have a lifetime of nearly half a century! They are also hurricane and wind tested to withstand up to 100 mph gusts. DaVinci roofs are also flame-tested and built to slow the spread of any fire.

When it comes to routine maintenance on DaVinci roofs, there isn’t any. First Choice will come out and inspect your roof if there might be any damage done and we can repair or replace that section. Because composite shingles are composed from fiberglass, polyester, wood, etc., they can handle more of what nature throws at it.

First Choice Gutters and Siding has been installing, repairing and replacing composite roofs in and around the Omaha metro. If you are in need of a new roof and are looking to have something more environmentally friendly, a composite roof is the perfect roof for you.
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