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December 20, 2021
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January 20, 2022

Roofing & Composite Shingles Omaha, NE

At First Choice Gutters & Siding, our name may not say roofing but we are your Omaha roofing experts. We’ve been taking care of the exterior of Omaha homes since 2003. If it’s attached to your home, we can improve it, fix it, or install it. We offer hail damage repair, metal roofing, new roof installation on new construction, roof repair and roof replacement. We want to be your Omaha roofing contractor. When it comes to roofing contractors and roofing product options, there are a ton of choices available. Choose an honest and long standing contractor like First Choice Gutters & Siding and learn as much as you can about your product options. 

Why Are Composite Shingles Becoming More Popular?

Composite roofing is becoming more and more popular as more homeowners learn the value and benefits of this superior product. While we offer asphalt shingles, metal roofing and wood or slate, we know this is a big investment and we want you to be an informed consumer. Here is some vital information and some benefits of composite shingles.

What are Composite Shingles?

What are composite shingles? Composite shingles are made from 2 different processes depending on which manufacturer you purchase from. One type of composite shingles are made from recycled rubber and plastic materials. The second option is made by DaVinci Roofing. Their composite shingles are made from an engineered polymer instead of recycled materials. Both offer the most eco-friendly roofing option with the longest warranties in the industry. 

Mimic The Look of Slate or Wood

Composite shingles are made specifically to mimic the look of slate or wood. Even roofing experts can’t always tell the difference simply from appearance between composite and the real thing. Composite shingles offer a much more durable and longer lasting product than actual slate or wood shingles. When shopping for any type of roofing, you’ll want to learn about impact ratings. DaVinci’s composite shingles have a Class 4 impact rating! That’s the highest ranking a roofing material can achieve. You can hit a DaVinci shingle with a hammer and not see any damage! Hail would have very little impact if any on this type of material. 

Long Warranties to Protect Your Home

Composite shingles also offer some of the longest warranties in the roofing industry. There are two types of warranties. Our warranty at First Choice Gutters & Siding which covers our workmanship and quality. The second warranty comes from the manufacturer and offers a warranty anywhere from 40-50 years depending on which type of composite shingles you choose. 

Get the Best Durability with Composite Shingles

The biggest benefit after durability of composite shingles is how lightweight they are. If you were wanting slate roofing on your home, you would have to build it or frame it specifically for slate, to withstand the weight of a slate product. Composite shingles do not need specific build outs or framing. Composite shingles offer the most durable, most lightweight, most eco-friendly and best warrantied product in the roofing industry. The only choice you have to make is what day you’d like us to stop by for a free estimate! Give us a call. Let us talk you through your roofing repair, or roofing installation options. 


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