Does My Roof Need Repair?
December 1, 2021
Siding Options & Benefits
December 20, 2021

What Comes First, Roofing or Siding?

Roofing and siding replacement often go hand-in-hand and deciding which should go first can be a strenuous task. Some parts of the roof are easier to install without the siding installed. Some of the siding however, needs to be nailed under the shingles of the roof. Because of this dilemma, it can be difficult to know which should actually go first.

What is the Siding of My Home?

Siding is a protective, weather-resistant paneling that goes on the exterior of your home to protect the walls and structure from weather related damages. These siding panels are laid along the wall, from the bottom up to create a layered effect.  Siding replacement often includes a lot of design elements, as siding can drastically change the look and feel of your home.

A siding contractor can help you decide what kind of design, patterns, or colors would look best with your home and roofing choice. Siding contractors can also assist in the planning of your siding installation by giving you accurate time and cost estimates.

Should I Replace My Roof and Siding Together?

Often when a homeowner contacts a roofing and siding contractor about a new roof, they don’t think about siding replacement. Making a call on whether to replace both can be hard, but people often replace both to fit a design they have in mind for their home. A roofing and siding contractor can help you decide if you need roof and siding replacement. They can also help you decide the logistics of it when actually replacing.

Gutter Choice

When deciding on siding replacement, gutter replacement can also be a great way to upscale the look of your home’s exterior. Gutter and gutter cover choice can often be underrated when trying to achieve a certain look for your home.

For any questions or inquiries about roofing or siding repair or installation, call First Choice Gutters & Siding today!


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