Roofing, Gutters and Siding in Carter Lake

Carter Lake is the only City in Iowa that is west of the Missouri River, which means it sure does have some geographic pride among it’s residents! With incredible scenery and numerous lakeside activities available for everyone, residents and visitors enjoy the outdoor beauty that Carter Lake has to offer. Make sure that your property is in perfect condition so that others can observe the outward facing beauty of your home while outdoors! To learn more about the roofing, gutter, and siding services we offer for your Carter Lake home, contact us today!

First Choice Gutters and Siding can help you protect all the different parts of your Carter Lake area home. Our specialties are roofing, gutters, siding, and windows, and we are certified in asbestos abatement. We offer free estimates, and our high-quality products and trustworthy and skilled technicians are dedicated to helping you protect one of your biggest investments – your home.

We are bonded and insured, and we’re dedicated to helping you with the actual work of repairing your home and giving you experienced, professional service to better help you navigate the insurance claim process. We are also trained and certified in asbestos abatement. Our trained technicians will make your Carter Lake-area home safer with our strict attention to detail and focus on safety and regulatory compliance with First Choice’s certified asbestos abatement services.


Your roof keeps you warm, dry, and safe and has a huge impact on the energy efficiency of your Carter Lake area home. First Choice offers roof repair and roof replacement and large variety of roofing shingles and roofing material in asphalt, wood, tile, metal, and composite. Our roofing contractors will make improving or repairing your Carter Lake area home stress-free.


Our technicians’ experience and professionalism will make gutter installation, gutter repair, and gutter cleaning completely stress-free for you. First Choice offers gutters made from copper, steel, and aluminum, and we can tailor to your home’s functional and aesthetic needs. We want to work with your individual situation, so we also offer “chop and drop service.” We will cut the gutters to the right size and specifications and then drop them off for you to install at your convenience. We also offer half-round gutters in copper, steel, and aluminum for clients with older homes or clients interested in a more traditional style. First Choice Gutters and Siding can help eliminate the messy, time-consuming, and sometimes dangerous job of cleaning out your Carter Lake area home’s gutters with custom gutter covers.


Improving the siding on your home can increase curb appeal, increase energy savings, and help make your Carter Lake-area home more resilient to all kinds of Nebraska weather. We offer the highest-quality soffit and fascia, wood siding, fiber cement siding, and vinyl siding.


We offer top-quality windows glass replacement and window hardware replacement as well as window repair. Your Carter Lake-area home and your bank account will benefit from the increased savings of more energy-efficient window replacements. First Choice offers full frame replacement and vinyl or wood frames.

First Choice is dedicated to providing you the best options to improve the functionality, beauty, and comfort of your Carter Lake-area home.

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